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I am looking at a 2011 RG Ultra, it's local to me. It's a custom painted bike and I like the way it looks, has some nice upgrades like wheels, pipes and a tour pack and it has 10K miles. Has ABS which is a must have for me. They want $14K for it, assuming I can get them to knock some off that.

First off, I am one of those guys who over analyze the crap out of everything. I usually piss myself off and have to walk away for a while to get my head back on straight. After reading for months, I talked myself into "needing" a rushmore or later bike, and probably "should have" an M8. Why, heck the internet says I should! 😵

I really like the look of the bike, but I am concerned about it being a 2011. I don't care about the info center, I use my phone and an intercom for music and maps. I'm wondering about the ride quality, and how it handles and stops. I already know it looks good to me. I do weekend rides, no cross country or crazy riding. Want me and the ole lady to cruise in style and comfort. It's hard to get a ride on an older bike and a newer bike at the same time to see for yourself. My buddy has an 06, should I use that as a reference?

Any reason I should stick to looking at newer bikes, even though they are a LOT more money? Are there massive changes to the ride and safety in newer bikes worth another $7-10K ?(2015 and newer).
Am I gonna be stuck with it forever because I won't be able to sell it down the road when I win the lottery?

Thanks for your help.

Confused in San Diego.......
If the price is right to you then go ahead and buy it. For a 10 year old bike it was hardly ridden. Save your money and do the suspension, seat and bars to make it ride smooth like the newer bikes. You will still be way under than what you would spend on a new bike and lets face it, even buying new you are going to want to changed the seat and bars anyways. The bike's custom paint job appeals to you and you like it visually so that's all that matters at this point. We all overthink the simple choices at times. Good luck!
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