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V&H ThrottlePak compatible with 2015 RG?

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I loved the throttlepak on my RGU. In checking the V&H site, they show the device specified for up to 2013. I know HD is using the new CAN ECU, so wondering if that change means the pak no longer works with the newer bikes?

I sent an email to V&H but have not heard back from them yet.
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V & H now has the Fuel Pak 3 or FP3 for the the new can bus style. I went to the FP3 on my 15RGS and I'm very happy with it. Did a stage 1 full rineharts with SE ventilator intake. Big improvement and easy to use. The FP3 includes the throttlepak features. I set mine to race mode which is a 1:1 ratio. There are 4 presets or you can infinitely customize your own throttle progressivity. All this is done through your smart phone via blue tooth to the FP3 when connected to your bike.

Thanks. Probably won't go that way, but assumed as much.
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