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An update... picked up the bike today and the bike is admittedly running better. The valve noise I was describing is still slightly present but very faint.

The dealer clarified their reasoning for the problems as well. They said that k&n filters are perfectly fine, but they feel this one was defective. They say it wasn't flowing properly and therefore causing a high crankcase pressure and blowing oil out of the air cleaner. My air cleaner was highly saturated with oil.

They also believe this is the reasoning for the amplified valve noise since the top end was not getting the proper amount of oil. Time will tell if they are correct.

I contacted k&n once again and they emailed me a shipping label to send my filter to them for examination. They stated that would call me when they receive it and go over it with me. So far, big A+ for K&N customer service.

Ill post when I hear from them.
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