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I just installed an opener using the mo-door unit. Yes I know, there are cheaper ways to go, but I'm pretty impressed with this set up. Unlike the flash to open units there is no receiver to mount in your garage, simply program and mount the mo-door inside your fairing or side panel and run the switch to wherever you want. I had an extra auxiliary rocker switch so I used that. The thing I like about it is that you program their unit. So if you move or install a new opener you just reprogram and you're back in business. They sell several switch types, but I had them wire their unit to tie into my aux switch so everything is very clean. Their unit has a battery so you don't need to tie into a power source at all, simply mount and you're done. Like I said, they have several switch types or will set it up for you if you want to send them your switch. Their customer service was excellent and they turned everything around in one day. The unit feels quality and comes with your choice of switch and Velcro for mounting. I screwed up the first time and didn't order a long enough wire - I contacted them after I received the unit and realized it was too short - they took care of it no questions asked and changed the type of wire to work better with my switch. If you're looking for an opener take a look at

I am not affiliated with the company at all, just a satisfied customer.
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