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"SOLD"I have for sale a chrome set of Vindikta bars that are in new condition. Bars are the Denaro and are 12" rise model but measure closer to 14". Do not have to extend nothing to fit. Bars are 1.5" and neck down to the clamp size and grip size.
They retail for $425. I don't have a road glide anymore so these need to go to someone that can use them. If these interest you get with me and I will make you a deal."SOLD"

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Hello Goose2,

Just wanted to send these to you as you may not be aware of them.

Currently your ad does not fit the criteria listed below and may be removed by the admins when they discover it.

Not being a cop, Just trying to help out both you and the potential buyer of your bars.



The rules are as follows, and can be changed at any time so check back before posting a classified ad on the forum.

Dealers and Businesses are not allowed to post in Classifieds. If you are a dealer or business please contact MCAdmin for site sponsorship.
Also if you don't participate in these forums, please do not post classifieds. They will be deleted.

If you join this forum only to sell items, you run the risk of being banned. Your ads will be deleted.
Especially if you don't post any photos with your items.

Please be aware that we've had some people selling damaged items on this site. is not responsible for items sold here. Your only recourse is using pay-pal and opening a dispute with pay-pal. Or use to insure quality and delivery. ROADGLIDE.ORG is not responsible for any exchanges that occur on this website! Please be safe!
As a precaution that you print the original add at the time of transaction or save an image file on your PC for your records.

If your selling something in the classifieds, you MUST include a picture of the item your selling. This is not a suggestion, this is mandatory. Do not post a stock picture from the Harley or the manufactuers website,.. you must include the picture of the actual item your selling. If it is new in the box and your not willing to remove it, you take a picture of the box. Do not create a thread until you have a picture ready to attach or link. (i.e. do not write "I will add picture in the future").

If you have multiple items for sale you MUST list them in 1 single thread. If you post 5 new threads with 5 different items for sale they will be deleted.

If you request that you are paid via paypal gift option, your thread will be deleted. The buyer has no protection against fraud if payment is sent via gift, and it is not meant to be used for purchasing items online and goes against paypal policy. We also suggest no one buy anything if the seller requests that you pay via gift option,.. you are NOT protected against fraud..

Please do not bump your threads up more then once every 5 days. Threads where the items are sold, are moved to the sold catagory rather quickly, and your thread will then move back up towards the top

Members selling MUST include their prices. This is not ebay, so don't offer your items to the highest bidder. 'MAKE OFFER' ads will be deleted.

If you listed an item for sale, please reply to your thread letting us know its sold,.. Admins will move it to the "Sold" section and have it there for 3 months for reference. Only the original poster can declare when an item is indeed sold.

DO NOT hijack another persons sale thread. If you are not interested in buying the item, or asking a question for a potential buy, you are NOT to reply. If you have an issue with pricing, you need to pm the original poster.

Location must be given and shipping limitations/methods.

Tips for buyers & sellers:
- Know who your buying from if possible.
- Be aware of 'members' who join to just sell items. People who recently joined or are not active within our community should raise a red flag.
- Never pay as a gift on PayPal.
- Always ship to the address listed in Paypal and save your shipping receipts.

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