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I have got an 11 Road Glide Ultra, which has a lot of body parts to paint, and being a person that is not sure what they really want, but knowing I don't want to drop the 5k on a paint job before I know what it looks like, is there any one that does vinyl sheets or other cheaper method to see what it would look like before?

A painter has some software that he says can do it, but in the end I may not want to use him or get a full paint job.

Right now I have the standard road glide grey....

I am thinking about something along the lines of...

With the original grey above and orange below. But not sure how the orange will look with the grey.

I would love to Photo shop like a pro, but my skills are basic at best. Is there a wrap type of place that would have something like this?

Thanks for any input or opinions...
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