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I had posted an ad earlier I am ready to sell my Vivid Black Tin Set with a Klockwerks Wrapper fender in the front. Package deal Fairing, Bags, Lids, Side Covers, Tank with emblems rear fender all for 2100 +Shipping.

Okay since I have had lots of inquiries for parts individually here are some prices

Tank with emblems.....450.00
Hard Bags with lids no hardware ....450.00
Kw Wrapper......375.00
Outer Fairing ......450.00
Rear Fender (NO trim or facia)......350.00
Side Covers.......175.00
All Items will be charged a shipping fee. I will Ship on July 16..
PayPal Accepted.
Shipping within US.

Send me a pm if you want more pics..
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