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Hey I was wondering what you guys would do. I'm customizing my 15 and am a big fan of form following function. I'm using a couple a couple nods to the "club style" Dynas I've ridden before upgrading the suspension and getting br custom to build some narrower bars than the kst on it now. My wondering is whether or not to swap out the wheels to a southern mc poker or hogpro Daytona and if so would you leave the size a 19 or go to a 21 or not even spend the money since the stock wheel on the 15 looks good. Those wheels just capture the classic mag look to me. This bike will not have extended bags or raked out. I like the looks of that style but want something a little different

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Well I have to vote for the Daytona as that is our wheel. It is a very clean looking wheel that I do not see too many of thus it is unlikely anyone else in your area will be running it.

As far as sizing...this is a big decision for most people. I answer this type of question all day long. Opinions vary as the wind blows. My opinion is that the difference between a 19 and 21 front is very minimal. I prefer the 21 as it it looks better and in my opinion does not negatively affect the handling of the vehicle. The additional height that is gained allows for more ground clearance during aggressive cornering.

My opinion is also that there is no need to lower the front end with the 21" wheel as so many people are convinced that they need to do. I build for function and form and there is a happy medium.

So on my Road Glide I am running a 21 front with a stock size rear with stock height mono tubes and 13" spring shocks. For me this allows the type of riding that I like to do with minimal scraping in canyons, yet it still looks great and the 21" wheel really fills up the front fender nicely.

My T Sport came with a 19 and 16 and I got a 21 and 18 for that and it still handled great. So, I think the opinions that you form from reading threads here are really the kicker with wheel sizes. If you have questions give me a call or PM and we can work something out to get that Glide where you wnat it.
Here's the T Sport for reference

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