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I am looking for a set of stock non-wire wheels for my 2001 RG. Stock size. I know I can use post 09 wheels with new bearings and axles, so that would work too, but im a family man with a regular job and many mouths to feed, so im looking for a deal on older wheels, not those huge cool wheels all y'all have. just some good clean old school mags so I dont have to contend with innertubes. Yeah, those dusty old ones in the corner of your garage.....
im in North Texas and will drive to get them, heck i dont even need good tires, mine are new, so bare rims will work I suppose.
Anyone looking to sell? Keep in mind I dont have tons of cash, but I do have some, plus other items to trade, especially things that fellow Texans like.
Thanks Y'all.
Sean (aka Hg)
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