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……. I'm considering looking to buy some take offs from a more expensive model RG ad I have the poor man's base model lol.
I just put on Enforcer take-off wheels purchased off eBay. Got the wheels, front rotors, both tires, and bearings for $1,150 shipped. Seller claimed they were off a 2018 SG with 1500 miles before the owner did a big wheel conversion. I was skeptical, but once they arrived yes the tires are new as were the bearings…… I still think the seller (an Indy shop in Pennsylvania) was partially full of shit because they were advertised as ABS ready with the correct bearings, ended up the rear had the correct ABS bearing, the front did not. So that tells me they were a mis-matched set….. I ended up swapping out the front to the correct ABS bearing, $50 later and all is good. Check out my thread for more details if ABS is applicable to your bike.

I still think eBay is a great alternative for those of us on a budget. My lesson learned is you have to ask the right questions, and ask for proof (photos) to confirm. Also read the seller reviews and feedback on eBay to make sure you’re not buying from a pirate…..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts