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Welcome GlideMan

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Welcome to the forum GlideMan!

Lets see some pictures of your bike.
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Nice looking bike,.. what front fender is that? A klockwerks?
Thanks, it is in fact Klock Werk wrapper fender..
Nice Freakn Bike Glideman! I absolutly Luv the Wrap Front Fenders. O-Hi-O! Round on the Ends and HI in the Middle. What kinda fender is that? If ya dont mind me askn.
Don't mind at all, Klock Werks wrapper fender..Thanks for the compliments!
Welcome Glide Man!
Sancho was showing us the trim piece on the Fairing. Can you give us some more shots of it from the front?
Sure can !

This is with the turn signal on...

Here's a close up, you can see the turn signal wire looping around to the inside of fairing.

Another of the right side.

Front view.
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I wonder how those would look painted black?? :D
It would look awesome! I want to do a project on the dark side soon..
Do you have to drill a hole in the fairing for the lights to work? Do they work with the running lights and turn signals?
No drilling at all, if you look at the close up on headlights, you will see the wire for turn signals coming out of end of trim wrapping around to inside the fairing. The trim has 3m tape to stick to fairing.
I couldnt tell from the pics ya posted b/4, but from what I can see ya got Yaffe uppers? and what kind of smooth lowers. Is your front wheel a 21"? 19" or a 23"? The more I see the more I like, man! Cool
The smooth chrome fork sliders are FatBaggersInc. with the yafterburner by Paul Yaffee, I like alot of Yaffee's stuff... I will be installing PY 14" monkey bars this winter also. The front wheel is 19" and 18" for rear. They are harley wheels called agitator. They are almost half the cost of aftermarket wheels is the reason I went with them.
The Agitator Wheels look Great!, and you definatly cant beat the $. I'm a fan of the Yaffe stuff myself, he sees a bike like no other. I do have his Monkey Bars on mine and they are very comfy. If ya need instructions on internal wiring send me your email address and I'll foward them to ya. Ya gonna do anything to your rear? What other things from Yaffe are you considering? is a cool web-site. I frequent it all the time. He did sell The Red Sled here recently, which sucks! I was hoping to see the bike in Louisville,Ky. November 13th at the Easyrider Show. But being a single Daddy, limits my time for sure, and just found out that my son's football team is participating in after Super Bowl Tournaments and wont be able to attend the easyrider show, so? Anyway, stay in touch w/pics w/your bike mod updates.
I pm'ed my email to you.. Thanks!
Future plans for rear is extended bags and fender and will prolly switch over to dual exhaust to give it that balance look at the rear and maybe yafterburner tips.. I actually love the sound of my fatcat tho..
On another note: Enjoy the fact that you still have your son at home, you will miss him/them when the leave.. I used to enjoy going to all my son's games.. I still catch a game here and there but not the same when you have a son playing.
Awesome ride... Welcome aboard.
Rowdy Thanks!

Are they yaffee bars? 10"?
1 - 11 of 27 Posts
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