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Well she decided to mark her territory

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Came out to the garage yesterday to find a "half dollar" sized puddle of coolant just to the right of the water pump below the right hand lower. Cleaned up the mess and once again same thing this morning. Called the dealership and was told to see if it does it again and they will come pick it up and handle it. I'm actually glad that it happened now with snow on the ground as opposed to the spring time as to not cut into riding time! I'm pretty sure its leaking from one of the clamps on the coolant line and not the pump or the overflow. Also noticed its about a half inch down from the cold mark on the reservoir.
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Well after dipping into the negative numbers again it appears that the leak is back as witnessed by the coolant on the floor again. Looks like I'll give the dealership a call and have her picked up. It has to be weather related as it seems to only occur when it gets really cold

Since you live where it's cold for much of the year, you should have ordered the "cold weather package" for $219.95. Once you take it out of the package you find out that it's simply a "Depends" size 2XL with the HD logo on it that you wrap around the engine whenever the temps dip below 32 degrees. If it makes you feel less 'manly' to have to use a Depends on your bike, I live in Florida and will trade you straight up for my 2011. just a thought ..... :wink:
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