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Fifty Two of us (30 bikes) from the Kingston Ontario area are heading out on 3500 mile 16 day road trip from Las Vegas NV, Bishop Ca, Reno NV, Klamath Falls Or, Medford Or, Crescent City Ca, Fort Bragg Ca, San Fransisco, San Simeon Ca, Kernville Ca, Furnace Creek Death Valley, and back to Vegas...16 days total Sept 13 to 29th. All of us ride Harley's but only a few of us have the ultimate touring machine:)

You got a bunch of excited people up here counting down the days and a big thanks has to go out to our local HD Dealer, Motosport Plus in Kingston Ontario, for arranging it. This is year 8 of Steve Bray the owner organizing these US trips...keep em coming!

PS: We are shipping the bikes down the week before...we're crazy Canucks...but not that crazy! We're flying down.

Will post some photo's when I get back.
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