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What an adventure this has been. I have a 06 Glide and before it left the dealership I had the Heritage bars put on it. They worked fine but on long trips they were lacking height and pull back. In 2011 I found a local guy who made me some bars per our agreed measurements…no invoice was written. When they came to me they seemed too wide but I had them put on anyway. They had a 10” rise that worked but the width (42") killed me.
So I find a guy to put another pair on, I get the Todd’s Strip bars with a 12” height but when we mocked them up, they didn’t have enough height or pull back. I have a friend who owns Malibu Motorcycle Works so I got a pretty good deal on the bars but they would not work.
So I search his warehouse and find two bars I like, same style but one is 14” and the other 16” in height. Now I think this is way too high for me but the 14’s are perfect. Thing is they are 1” bars and have gussets. The guy who makes them is very flighty, nice way of saying he can disappear for weeks on end so I go with the 14’s as is. Did I say as is? I needed an inch added to each side at the grip so the controls fit with the gussets and internal slots cut. I find a guy who builds custom bikes and is a wielder by trade and he hooks me up. Now I need to get them powder coated, they say 3 to 5 days and call me 9 days later asking how many spots I had taped for no coating…I’m worried. They turn out fine and I take them to my guy.
He orders new cables all the way around, black to match everything else which is cool but because they are 1”, it is a bear to wire with over wield inside the corners. He finally gets it done, I ride it home and once again I love my bike. I hated it for a long time because it was so uncomfortable to ride.
Thanks to all who answered my questions over the past two years.
So I have a pair of Todd’s 12” Strip bars boxed and ready to ship. $150.00 for the bars, $16.00 for the box and whatever the shipping costs. About $36.00 to the east coast.

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