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What did you do to your Road Glide Today?

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I've seen these threads on other forums, and they can go on forever. Just some place to post what you might have done in any particular day.

I'll start with this past weekend. I went out Sunday morning intending to ride down the road, any road. When the first 40mph gust of wind hit me, I changed my mind and headed over to Iron Pony instead. It being early Sunday, and the service dept was open, I decided to get the new tires I was needing. So, a few dollars later I ended up with two new Dunlop American Elites and new pads on the front brakes. They were out of the Metzler ME880's, but these are new model Dunlops, and it appears they only make two sizes so far, both just happen to fit my bike. Web site says more sizes coming in 2011. Only have about 300 miles on them, but so far they seem to be good tires. Holds the wind well :D (Sunday was VERY windy, almost got blown over getting off the bike)

Next up, Progressive 940's are on the way.
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Added Saddleman saddlebag chaps w/ bags. Like them and good extra space. Oh, and my dog' s leash got tangled on bedframe in garage, tipped it over and small ding on front fender. Aaahhh. Got most of it out and tough to see but I know it is there. Oh well, added some character...

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Rode it! Beautiful Central Florida winter day
Got it to the shop to have the tbw sensitivity reduced. Every time I hit a bump, it wanted to jump out from under me...twin can110 torque doesn't help lol.

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winter mods

Sent my header pipe to american custom to have the cat removed. Ordered speaker grills from Charisma. Removing inner fairing to have it painted. I'm having the speaker grills painted also . I am torn between painting the speaker grill black or the same color as inner fairing which will be merlot. Then i'm also putting new speakers on, i'm going with hawg wired. 6.5 in fairing & 5.25 in tour pack.
I rode mine, pretty happy about that considering it's December and I am in W.V.
Rode in a Toys for Tots run. Lil late, but I removed front and rear reflectors yesterday as well.
Mounted my Iron Aces GPS mount. Now if the Zumo would just get here...
Rode in a Friends in Need poker run put on by American Legion Riders
Ordered my wild1 WO515's, Chrome controls, hidden antenna, docking hardware chrome covers. Watching 6 inches of snow fall and testing out my new Cooper AT3 tires on my dodge ram and they are awesome and those goodyear hp tires suck. Oh and yeah cranked up the blower to clean off the drive. Come on spring.........
FINISHED yaffe plate is far from plug and play there was i lot of drilling going on


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After reading about stolen saddlebags andmore secure ways of attaching the bags to the bike - I did just that. Replaced the quick release pins with 5/16 x 1 1/4 inch allen head bolts. I honestly would never have thought about someone stealing the bags (my mind just doesn't work like that) but now that I have bolted the bags on, I feel better. Even using stainless steel bolts cost was < $10.00
Walked past it on my way to the car! Working today, but it's gonna be 60 tomorrow, and I'm off for three days!

Ya know what that means for tomorrow!
Got her cleaned up. They had put de-icer down on the roads. that stuff is too corrosive to take chance leaving it on the bike too long. An added bonus, I had bird crap on my fairing in two spots, that had to go as well.


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Weekend Work

Last night worked with friend and put on the bars with the 2" pull back, new grips. Took out for a nice ride today and amazing difference. No longer leaning forward, mirrors and now in a fantastic location to see things behind and grips are great!!! More winter to come so next is driving lights, speaker upgrade and yes new pipes with power kit and intake...
Added new long stem black mirrors and a push button for the fuel door, cleaned the bike up and added 200 miles to the clock!

Oh, I had the wife on the back and had her video record the front end wobble so I can show the dealer had bad it is.
Today I put 65 miles on my bike. I am 90 miles away from the break in time :) and I know its not what I did to my RGU today but tomorrow morning I am dropping my my RG off to have the stage 1 done :) I can't wait to get her back
Got her back from the shop...moco was no help with the tbw sensitivity, but she's still a peach to ride! Broke 500 miles today...finally can ride her like she's meant to b ridden :)

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Airlite soft lowers arrived today!
Pics not working :(

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