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What is this!?

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Suprised I have not see a thread on this, or maybe I missed it.

The claim is that a new CVO will looked like its been punched in the nose and have a 121. Link and pics below.

Much of this seems pretty suspect. First, is the 2023 CVO RG Limited is out already, with a 117 and traditional shark nose. Second, the paint and badging on this seems way off for a CVO. The list goes on. Thoughts?

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That Roadglide fairing is much to be desired, each to there own and if it is a VVT motor from being a Automotive tech for 34 years the first couple of years there will be issues . Not sure how true it it's but I would not be surprised if it's true, can't even begin to Imagine the MSRP on these bikes probably more than I can afford. A pass for me.
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MoCo has to to go with the times and evolve I understand the whole thing , not saying that's bad but the price increase with be substantial that's for sure , pricing most of us blue collar Americans out of the picture.
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