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What is your favorite Motor Mount

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So the 06 has had some nasty motor vibes after going through a pot hole. The front motor mount is squished over to the left. I think the motor probably needs a new motor mount, rear suspension, and a motor alignment. Should I go with HD product, Velva-Ride, Glide-Pro? Has anyone had experience with other brands?
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Since you hit hard enough to break stuff, you need to pull the wheels and check the wheel bearings. I bet they are toast and this is where the vibes are coming from. Before you spend the money on a motor mount, pull yours off and see if it is actually damaged.
So I still have not taken the RG to the shop yet. As it is spring everyone in this part of the continent wants a spring tune-up of a fix, so I am on the waiting list. Backed the bike out of the garage today, the front motor mount appears to be centred now, not squished to the left side. So I was considering that I may have caused the motor misalignment when I switched slip on mufflers last summer. I think I read on this board or the HDF board that when you install mufflers you should slip them on loose and then let the motor idle for a couple minutes prior to tightening all the bolts. Is this true? I definatly did not do that last summer. I think the motor is aligned now because the fender bracket is broken and has allowed the fender to be pushed to the left side of the bike. I When I install them should I slip them on and let them seat with the motor running at idle a couple of minutes prior to clamping everything down. Took the bike for a ride today, no vibes, hands off the bars riding (carefully hovering over the grips for a few secs) show perfect wheel alignment.
Fender mounts or putting mufflers on your bike has nothing to do with motor alienment unless you are beating them on with a sledge. When you hit the pot hole them motor shifted and was put under tension then shifted back from the motor running and with everything relaxing with cool down. You still need to pop the wheels off and check the wheel bearings.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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