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What to do...$ for accessories

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I've got a custom seat in the works from C&C thanks to feedback here. I'm thinking about getting the king tour pak so the wife will ride which everything I need will be about $1300 but the wife is on the fence about riding and while I don't mind shelling out the bucks for the setup, there are other things I'd rather spend the money on if she decides she isn't ready to ride with me yet. So the budget is around $1k and my bike is pretty much stock save for exhaust, KW windshield, grips and soon to be seat. I'm thinking next would be mastertune, 2-1-2 Jackpot headpipe, a/c. of choice. I've also thought about going with lowers instead of the TTS, 2-1-2 and a/c.

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My local dealer matches Zanotti's price if I print it out and bring it in. I of course have to pay tax but that is typically about the same as the shipping would be.
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