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What to do...$ for accessories

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I've got a custom seat in the works from C&C thanks to feedback here. I'm thinking about getting the king tour pak so the wife will ride which everything I need will be about $1300 but the wife is on the fence about riding and while I don't mind shelling out the bucks for the setup, there are other things I'd rather spend the money on if she decides she isn't ready to ride with me yet. So the budget is around $1k and my bike is pretty much stock save for exhaust, KW windshield, grips and soon to be seat. I'm thinking next would be mastertune, 2-1-2 Jackpot headpipe, a/c. of choice. I've also thought about going with lowers instead of the TTS, 2-1-2 and a/c.

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If it's anything you plan on installing yourself, check the price at Zanotti's. Sometimes the savings over retail, is pretty substantial. Might be cheaper to try a backrest for starters to see if the wife is cool with being a passenger?

Good point, I'll check w/ Znotti's. I'm not sure what their discount is but I get 10% at my dealer. I've asked about the backrest route and she has in her mind that it needs to be the whole shooting match. I think she feels like there is more surrounding her.
Seems silly that they don't include the antenna mount on the Sedona Orange King Tour Pak. On Zanottis now figuring up price...
Wow, going through Zanotti is about $130 bucks cheaper after shipping. Seems like some of the parts received more than a 20% discount but obviously it pays to look around. I wonder if my dealer would be willing to get more competitive on their pricing if I buy through them???
Gadgetec, I just put a tour pak on for my wife and she loves it she say's it's real comfy much better than the back rest that she's been accustom to for so many years.
the extra storage space is very handy for those long trips

You might check out ebay picked mine up for 550.00 with
the full pad. I had to buy the quick detach mount and paint it but I saved a bunch.
I've looked on ebay and I don't have a whole lot of patience for looking on there but I'll give it a go again. My wife has never ridden with me on any motorcycle I've had but I guess this one is big enough that she feels willing to entertain the idea. I asked her if she was sure before dropping that kind of coin b/c I don't want to throw a pass and end up with a fumble. She wants to think about it and that usually means no hence the reason I'm thinking about other options. I do think she'd really enjoy it and her cousin who rides has tried for years to let me ride her around on Jason's bike that's already setup for two-up...granted it's on a Fat Boy and not a touring bike but gee wiz women can be mule headed.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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