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So I pull my inner fairing and get it painted. While its off I spring for the Boom audio I pod interface. As luck would have it I have a custom, so I have to drive 75 miles to the only Harley shop that has the extra harness. Ok no biggy. So We get it all set up and find my Indy that put my amp in eliminated 2 plugs. One appears to be audio one appears to be power. Everything is taped and or covered with split loom. Of course it is after market so wire colors don't match. Since I wasn't there when it got done I have no idea what got tapped into. I have the instructions and an owners manual still have no clue

Take it back to the Indy for install? They are gonna hit me $50.00 per hr.

Sell it for a loss and get a new head unit?

Get out the testers and split the wiring harness? Not professional, wouldn't even say I know what I am doing.
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