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What's an acceptable wait time for special order stuff

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Bought a custom wheel and tire kit from Native Baggers back at the end of February, was waiting for the new 15 Road Glide wide tire conversion kit to be finished sometime after that. Have called three times in last 6 weeks and I hate being "That guy" who calls and calls and calls but I shelled out $1,925 dollars for the wheel/tire/rotor already, and I still need to pay for the kit when or if it gets finished which will be another $1,000. How long do I wait to call again and be like what's the status?

Had a similar deal with SMT Machining, ordered a brake lever back in October, well the old levers won't fit the 15's due to the shaft diameter is larger, SMT send me out a foot pad to match my other shifter lever free of charge while I wait for them to redesign the new brake levers to fit the 15's. They have my business for life, totally cool they resolved the issue. As for this tire kit combo I'm at a loss of what I should do.
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I don't know that there's one answer to your question.

Most small businesses simply cannot afford to keep lots of inventory, especially on custom parts. Many not-so-small business just prefer to keep expenses in line by not stocking many (or any) finished parts.

My rule of thumb has always been that 'custom takes time'.
I know that I can probably buy some things off the shelf today, but not so with custom parts. So, whenever I am considering a custom part I always ask, before placing my order, for a realistic timeframe. If it seems like a short wait, I'll ask if they really can get it done in that timeframe.

So, what are they telling you when you call? Ready any day? Gonna be a few weeks?
I totally agree with " if it is custome it will take time but give me a realistic time frame.". I ordered wheels back in January and still have not recieved them. Promised 6 weeks and now we are approaching 12 weeks. I just wish some of these shops could just be honest with their time frames. I order custom so I will have something diffrent but don't lead me on.
i waited 6 months for my pipes, sure glad I did, well worth the wait, sometimes cool takes time
Waited 12 weeks for my bars. They were upfront about the wait time when I ordered.
I agree with what everyone has said as well...custom takes time. However, I believe that these companies need to give realistic time frames to their customers. I would imagine they may stretch the truth a bit to ensure that they don't lose the sale. To that I say, if they want it bad enough they will wait no matter how long it takes. I have waited a few months for one off parts and couldn't be happier. Sure it took time and I wanted it faster, but it was what it was.
Paul is a good guy Call back and ask him when he thinks he will have it then call back at that date and if you ask what the delay is he wont BS you he will tell you straight.

You only become "that guy" when they say 2 weeks out and you call after a week asking where it is LMAO!
Oh my, i feel your pain my parts for my 15 RG have been at the painters this Saturday makes 7 weeks, but i knew he had other projects in front of mines but i had to call a couple of times and was feeling like you are ( Should i call again or what dont want to be that guy since i work on bikes and no what that feels like to have someone be a pest ) so im at his mercy. Spoke to his wife last week he had to go out of country for a sponsors show, out of country WTF lmao...hes coming back wednesday whew COME ON MAN........
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