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What's everyone planning on buying on Black Friday?

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Soooo many great deals to be had I have a list that's over a mile long with a budget that will only get me a few feet lol. I know I'm going to be changing up my exhaust system for a nice 2 into 1 and just waiting for the deals to come out. I'll then list up my CFR pipes to help me afford the new pipe's. What's everyone planning on getting?
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I'm saving for a cam set, head pipes, new tail pipes. Buying aa used seat this week and a new shield. Doubled my CC spending this month so I need to take a chill pill and get it close to zero b4 hitting black Friday properly.

Some gym workout stuff like bluetooth headsets, wraps and supplements as well as a9mm are on my shopping list as well as figuring out what to get my OL for Xmas. Just bought her a galaxy S6 the other day since her old phone kept screwing up.

So I can relate to a mile long with a few feet to spend.
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