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When will the dealers have to 2011's?

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Anyone know when the dealers will have the 2011's for sale?
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I bought an 11 RG Ultra this past Saturday.

They're out there
Congrats! Did you buy it from Ventura HD? I've never bought a bike from them but they seem like a cool dealership.
I bought it at Simi Harley in Moorpark. They had just gotten it in and rolled it on the floor. By 11 am. Saturday it had my sold sticker on it.

I think Simi Harley and Ventura Harley used to be partner dealerships but somewhere along the line they split up.

The purchasing experience was very pleasant but no discounts on the 11 RG Ultra's. Paid MSRP.

I had been going back an forth with them on a 06 EG Ultra Classic but we couldn't meet on price. I went back last Sat. to wave a pile of cash in front of them on the EG and saw the RGU on the floor. Done deal. I have no experience with the older touring frame but I am very impressed with the handling of my 11 RGU. Equal to my BMW. Considering everything I've read about the handling of the pre 09 touring frame, paying $8k more for the 11 RGU was the right move for me.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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