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So, everyone knows, at least most, what it's like to wait for your parts to be delivered to your home. You're all anxious and excited. That's me. It's fricking Christmas time. Since the weather is full of rain I decided now's the time to get to work. So, my 4" Jackpot mufflers show up in record time and my Spooky Fast handlebars are on their way. Tracking indicates that they were supposed to be here on Wednesday, 05/20/15. Like the good mechanic that I am, I tear into the Glide. Removed the old mufflers and slid on the Jackpots in under an hour. Easy. I pulled off the handlebars, dissected the Deutsch six pin connector pulled everything out of the bars and no handlebars yet. Two days past the posted arrival. Good thing it's raining. In fact, it's supposed to rain for the rest of May! Maybe I should be building an Ark. The rain is the only thing that's calming me down. Coffee, look out the window for the UPS truck. Lunch, keep and eye on the front window for the UPS truck. Always checking. Maybe today? More coffee.


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