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I'm deciding between LP6 Baja vs Rigids Inds Led Adaptive xp. I'm kinda lean toward Rigid ude to price and the look. Who has it installed review please,
*do you like it,
*would you choose it again,
*what is the pro and cons, any problem with the light?
*why not choosing Baja LP6? .
Thank you very much.

I have both and after putting both bikes through over 4000 miles last week, we road from nj to Texas and then to Oklahoma for a campout before heading back to nj, I will say the rigids are growing even more on me. They are extremely bright! Can’t beat kleenmoto for the price plus they’re great guys, have met both of the guys a few times now. Install is easier, their directions are great, the same lp6 filler panel will work for rigids xp but got to see their newly designed one this weekend and it’s super nice, also being able to change colors easily is nice, and rigids are much easier to clean bugs off then the bajas 😂
1 - 2 of 2 Posts