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I'm deciding between LP6 Baja vs Rigids Inds Led Adaptive xp. I'm kinda lean toward Rigid ude to price and the look. Who has it installed review please,
*do you like it,
*would you choose it again,
*what is the pro and cons, any problem with the light?
*why not choosing Baja LP6? .
Thank you very much.


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Yes I love the look, the lights pop-out a bit, I like that look. The Baja's a flatter, not sure how you say that.
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Buddy has the BAJA vs me with the RIGID
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After 2 days -> YES I would choose them again. the look and the adapt option. Oh and the fact that the lights are smart. And it is correct that a middle row of LEDs is not lit. This has to do with the engine being off and the lights being smart and automatically using less power and therefore turning the LEDs off.

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Missing the filler part between the lights. Have to buy that.

No problem with the lights so far. Like I said, I have them for 2 days. they are bright as (*&^%

One thing to look at during installation.

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Installed the lights wrong.

View attachment 441644

going to switch from left to right. should have followed the manual more closely

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1 - Everybody has the LP6
2 - I like the look a bit better, bit more rugged/ raw
3 - The lights being smart
4 - The ADAPT (GPS) thing they have

I got my lights/ bracket + harness from KLEEN MOTO ( KLEEN MOTO ) really good guys, helpful with everything.
I live in Europe - The Netherlands and this is 1 of the few USA companies that actually answer emails from people outside the USA.

Big fat thumbs up for KLEEN MOTO. (y)
SIR, can you show me the Hi and low beam please, Id love to see how the Rigid light change when toggle headlight. please shoot the camera toward the headlight Thank you very much
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