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I've recently seen mention of Tomahawk(Wisconsin) Fall Ride buried in other postings, so I figured I'd start a specific topic on it since its just over 2 weeks away. Actually Fall Ride dates are 9/13 thru 9/16, but 9/13 is normally really slow around town. If its you first time attending, don't miss the lawnmower/bar-stool races on 9/15 Saturday afternoon...its free-spectator admission!

Links with most events' times/locations:
Official pocket handout/guide in pdf: Ride Booklet2012forweb.pdf
Website that focuses on Big Bubba's party but also has links to most other events(at top click on "Events" for other locations):

I'm helping out at Lincoln County Cycles (local indy shop) so stop by and say hello, ask for Dan. Or maybe we could do a Meet&Greet sometime. I'll throw out Saturday @12:30 near Bubba's. I'm staying at an easy-to-find cabin approx 2 miles away from Bubba's so it would be quiet rendezvous point and then head over for the racing.

Or if anyone has another M&G idea on time/location...I'll try and make it.
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