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windvest 14 smoke

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I finally recd what i ordered with my purchase 5 weeks ago, but it wasnt what i ordered. What came was a 14in windvest in smoke, i was expecting a 12 in gunsmoke. WHAT A DIFFERENCE a decent shield makes. I will still get the 12 in and try it and maybe keep both. I was amazed at how good the 14 incher does i am 5ft 8 in and see over the top for the most part and am really pleased. the looks suffer just a bit but still looks great.
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I just recieved my 14in windvest today and put it on my 2009 roadglide and test it in the morning will post the results.
I have an 8in klockswerks for sale 75 bucks and we can figure out shipping. It was on my 06 Roadglide.
Neano is that a windvest? I have the 14 and not to happy with it I am getting ready to ride to Texas from Cali, and thinking about putting the stocker back on. This will be about a 3K round trip in the heat and dont want tobe roasted.

1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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