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I bought a set of the wings last year, and ran them with big clearview, what a difference!

Then, over the winter, I painted the inner fairing. When I went to put new tape on the wings, to reinstall them, some of the black paint came off, so the wings went on the shelf, until I'd get time to repaint. You all know how that goes...they sat on the shelf for a long time.

In the meantime, I switched from the big clearview shield, to the short KW Flare. I figure that in the warm months, I'd like more, hopefully cleaner, air hitting me in the chest area. Not bad, I must say.

Then, I moved out to Mesa, AZ, and while unpacking, I found the wings again. I finally get around to putting them back on, and its amazing! Lots of nice, clean, buffeting at all! We rode the other day when it was 103, and it was great.

This is now my favorite combo...KW short flare and Sancho Wings...thanks for the great product!

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