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What you will need
1 – 2.1amp or higher USB charger, I used a Motopower MO0609 3.1Amp waterproof
1 – 3-coil wireless charger that will lay flat, here I used RAVpower RP-WCN15
1 – USB A to Micro B cable 6” $0.62 at
3M double sided tape
Small pieces of sheet metal

I took sheet metal and formed a brace to hold my phone. This will be up to you to fit your phone, mine was a Galaxy S7. Secure the sheet metal to the charging plate with 3M double sided tape. One side is full length the other is about 1 inch due to the design on the left storage box. Make any necessary holes or slots for phone buttons.

Drill a hole to the appropriate size to allow you power leads to pass thru. Tap into the cigarette lighter for power. Make the connection as you see fit. I personally removed the entire storage box, soldered all my connection and made it so I could disconnect if needed.

Secure the USB port to the inside of the storage box with 3M tape and connect to the charging plate with 6” USB cable.

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