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WO 502B on 16 RGU

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Just had my bars installed on the bike. All stock hoses and wiring. They also had a black air filter cover so I threw that on as well. Went with the Avon grips. Love the look and feel of these bars.


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Wait. Wild 1 has bars that fit the 2015's? Do they come with or without the holes for the hand control clamps?

This changes everything.

No holes for the clamps. You have to break or grind the post off on your controls. No big deal. You will also need the Wild 1's bar clamp. Their bars reduce down to 1" at the clamps. I think it took me about 1.5 hrs to take my stock bars off, run all the wiring, & install the new bars. Piece of cake.

Lil Chief
So, you had to buy and install the Wild 1 1" riser and clamp?
Is that included in the 1.5 hrs install time?

Thanks Lil Chief. I did not realize that replacing the Rushmore clamp was so simple. I located the bolts and it all looks relatively straight forward and easy. I just never considered doing it.

Do you think 14" Wild 1's would work with stock cables and lines?

Yes, I know you can break the pins off. I don't like the weight of the new clamps. They are way too heavy - and they don't need to be.

I'm going to see if the Wild 1 Outlawz on my Sporty will fit on my 2015 RGS today. Looks like a tight fit with maybe a 1/4" to spare on each side of the tach/speedo housing. If they fit I may do the conversion. If not, I may do the conversion anyway and go with the Wild 1 apes.

1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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