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WO 502B on 16 RGU

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Just had my bars installed on the bike. All stock hoses and wiring. They also had a black air filter cover so I threw that on as well. Went with the Avon grips. Love the look and feel of these bars.


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Wait. Wild 1 has bars that fit the 2015's? Do they come with or without the holes for the hand control clamps?

This changes everything.

The tabs on the clamps are easily removed.. i did this for the 12" KST Outlaws I'm running while I wait for my 14" Monkeys...

You just break them off with a pair of pliers.

One more thing for the 15's... the risers are 1.25"... so there is no neck-down needed or wanted. You can run full 1.25" bars... or you can get a 1" riser clamp to run the older style neck-down style for about $60... FYI
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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