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I'd like to try the 8" Klockwerks or something similar that's better than stock but not big. However I'm broke, and cheap to boot. I got my current 12" shield for free because it was on a dumped bike and was scratched pretty badly. I sanded it, worked it, etc and got it decent enough to just paint it black. Most folks don't like a black windshield but I don't mind it.

So does anyone have one I can try that is in a similar situation? I'm willing to pay a little bit for one, but the whole idea is to get a scratched up one that's sitting on a shelf collecting dust mostly to see if I like the protection. If I find a perfect one then ill buy a good one of the same model down the road, but I don't have the money like others to buy new ones just to try out to see if it works for me.

Just an idea, not expecting much but figured id ask.

Pm me.

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