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WTB monotube preload clips

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I need 1 that's right only 1 lil black preload clip for the progressive monotubes. My monotubes came with 4, 2 for each side but I broke 1 (don't ask) that's why I only need one. If anyone has any extra laying around because you left it out and are willing to send it to me please let me know. If youre in CT ill drive to you to pick it up. I called progressive and they sent me some but the envelope was torn and empty. They mailed 2 plastic clips in a regular white paper envelope which wasn't the smartest thing obviously. Again if anyone has one you are willing to send me please let me know because I have the bike apart on the lift just sitting there missing a fork leg because of 1 plastic clip. Thanks
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PM me your address and I will send you one.
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