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WTS- Danny Gray Big Airhawk Seat & XL Airhawk Passenger Pillon! (SOLD)

Up for sale, in brand new condition, is a Danny Gray Airhawk Big Seat Rider AND XL Passenger seats. This is for 2008 and up FLHR, T, X. These seats have the Airhawk cushions built into them. You can inflate and deflate these seats to the comfort level you desire. The rider seat has the backrest receiver, you can purchase one and add it on if you desire. All mounting hardware is included.

SOLD for both seats including shipping, and the price is firm. This setup would run you $861 + shipping and wait time from Danny Gray. I will not separate one from the other, unless you bring to the table a buyer for the portion you don't want.

Email is the best way to contact me: [email protected]

I will accept paypal as a gift, paypal + 4%, or a USPS money order. Seats are boxed up and ready to go, but I will not ship until funds have cleared. I have NEVER had an issue selling anything to anyone on any forum I am a member of.

Thanks for your interest:
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