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XIED for stock RGS?

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I have a 2015 RGS that is bone stock as of now. At MOST I will be putting on slip ons for some more sound and an aftermarket air cleaner (strictly for looks). I am not really interested in getting more speed/power out of my ride, I just want it to not run so lean/hot. For my riding style I dont need the added speed or power, I had my last Dyna all worked up and dyno'd and she ran great but I ended up getting 32 MPG and I dont ride hard. I want to keep the bike as stock as possible at least until the warranty is up in 2020. I had warranty issues with my last Dyna and it seemed that whatever the problem the dealer always pointed to an aftermarket add on as possibly causing the problem, I want to avoid that issue with this bike. My question is in regards to the XIED's. Can the dealer if I have them added to my bike? They are easy enough to remove if I bring it in for service. Do they "flash" the ecm like a tuner does? Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions. I know I'm "leaving alot on the table" by not modding it out but for now its gotta stay stock.
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Get the Vieds replace your stock air filter with a K&N and get a set of these..
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