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XX-'13 Windvest, '15- Windshield Trim

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12" Windvest in Gun Smoke for '13 and earlier - SOLD

Recently sold my '13 RG and have my beloved 12" Windvest in Gun Smoke for sale. In great shape, about 7k miles on it. $170 new, asking $80 shipped.


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'15-up RG Split Windshield Trim - Gloss Black - $80 shipped

Now offered in the part catalog for $125 new. Taken off my new '16 with 400 miles on it - look brand new. Asking $80 shipped.

Offers welcome. PM me an email for higher res photos if interested.
Why are you selling the trim? How is the fit? Thanks.
The trim comes stock on the '16 RGU. Mine was totaled after having it for only 10 days. While my family was stripping parts, they grabbed the trim pieces because they were untouched and they knew they were just added to the parts catalog and someone might like them. Pieces are immaculate....obviously very few miles. Fit is awesome - holds the windshield very securely compared to just screws.
Windshield sold and delivered. Bump for the windshield trim for the new bikes.
Bump for windshield trim
Bump for springtime. Still have the trim pieces. Make me an offer.
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