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Yaffe stero system

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Just wondering if anybody has bought this system and how they liked it. Kinda pricey though wow. Its almost all the way down on this page.
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That system is WAY out of my budget. I did lift an idea from it though. I got some 6.5" speakers and mounted them in the fairing inboard of the glove boxes. I wired them to the rear speaker pins on the stereo.

With the stock stereo and 5.25" hogtunes in the stock position, my stereo was good up to about 60mph. With the additional 6.5s, and no additional amp, it's good to about 80. I'm still thinking about replacing the hogtunes with 6.5 inchers on adapters that match the additional ones I added. Am also thinking about maybe adding an amp as well. The 6.5" are just some pioneer cheapies that I got at Wal Mart and I'm very happy with them so far.

Mark B
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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