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Yaffe stero system

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Just wondering if anybody has bought this system and how they liked it. Kinda pricey though wow. Its almost all the way down on this page.
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Was wondering the same myself. I have the Hogtunes 5x7 speakers and amp along with the tweeter pods and I am TOTALLY not impressed. On the lookout for something better and I'll drop the Hogtunes on eBay.
You better not put yours on ebay at the same time I do mine. lol
I got the same system and am very disapointed in it. In fact the left channel of the amp is blown. :mad:
LOL. Well, dont they at least have a good warranty? That way you can get it fixed before you sell it.
I bought them on memorial weekend but have not called as of yet. I would assume they are under warrenty still. I plan on getting them fixed and selling to get the j&m system. should of done my homework on this before buying the hogtunes. I am too picky with my audio, you should see my home theatre stuf. lol
I am really dissapointed in my hogtunes hog pod as well. That sucker is coming off next time I have to take my outer fairing off. Still to this day I question if they are even working as I don't hear them.
Wow I aint going crazy then. I could swear that the tweeter pod isnt even working or putting out very little.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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