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I know folks, you won't have to endure my constant SWV posts to much longer :D

You have 2 Days (May 16th) to secure your rooms at the Venue to take advantage of the group rate. After that the rooms are open to all comers and will be at the normal rate they charge.

Also, I have confirmed that the nice folks from will be present to take photos for the 2 days we have scheduled for the rides on the 3 Twisted Sisters rides. They take great photographs and if you ever wanted an action picture of yourself on your bike you will now have that opportunity. The owners, Kyle and Glenda, will actually be there all week to enjoy some riding when not taking pics so be sure to say hello when you see them.

And lastly, this years Charitable Donation Recipient will be the Pioneer Museum located in Downtown Fredericksburg. Niki and I toured the Museum when we were down there last and it is well worth the effort. It can be seen in about 45 minutes for the main section and within an hour if you include "The Vereins Kirche", an extension of the Pioneer Museum located just down the street from the main Museum.

This is a great place to learn about the early Texas Hill Country Settlers and the Museum was gracious enough to offer free passes for our members. The free passes will be available at the Venue upon arrival.
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